16 ‑ 30 Aug 2020 (every Sun, Sat) 9am ‑ 6pm (9 hours)
17 ‑ 28 Aug 2020 (weekdays) 8:30am ‑ 5pm (8 hours 30 minutes)
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Cupid is hosting an exhibition “Summer fight” from 16 - 29 Aug at FabCafe Hong Kong. Cupid believes summer is about young and beautiful things, just like a group of beach girls playing in the summer. “Summer fight” is going to show the passion and energy of summer girls.

Not only illustrations, there are souvenirs selling in-store as well. Come visit to feel the summer hype.

About Cupid
Cupid, a Hong Kong illustrator, good at drawing with simple lines. Most of his works are relating to women's life and movies. He loves the philosophy of "less is more" and follows with the modern creative aesthetic style, and creates works with a sense of simplicity and clean lines.