18 Aug ‑ 26 Sep 2020 (every Tue to Sat) 10am ‑ 6pm (8 hours)
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Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong 駐香港韓國文化院 (H7/F) 推出了《亂立豫定地》展覽,意思是「亂流目的地」,向大眾介紹清州美術創作工作室第 14 批進駐藝術家的精彩作品,展覽今年6月先於韓國舉行,現在來到香港站,透過展示 5 位韓國年輕藝術家(包括 MOON So Hyun (文昭賢), AHN Hyo Chan (安曉燦), LIM Ji Min (林志珉), JUEN Jiin (全志仁) 及香港藝術家 Silas FONG (方琛宇) 的作品,引發大家對韓國藝術的關注。

The exhibition 『Turbulent area/亂立豫定地』 at Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong presents five artists who reside in the Cheongju Art Studio as 14th artists group last May. This exhibition was originally held in Cheongju Art Studio this June, presenting 19 artists altogether. Through the works of that artists MOON So Hyun, AHN Hyo Chan, LIM Ji Min, JUEN Jiin and Silas FONG, it is expected that this exhibition would become an origin of interests to the citizens of Hong Kong about what the young artists currently acting in Korea are watching and in what format they represent their own narratives.

‘Turbulent area’, which is a theme of the exhibition, was planned to encourage the 19 artists in residence, who will be expanding a new art domain within somewhat unfamiliar and alienated space of Cheongju, for escaping from the unintentionally specified and named images while they have been actively acting as the members of the contemporary art ecosystem so far, concentrating more on their own individual language and pursuing the adventurous reasons and actions beyond just an experiment during their staying as residents.

The Cheongju Art Studio is run by the city council of Cheongju, Korea. It is designed to provide an ideal working space with diverse programs for both domestic and international artists. Artists can choose whether to apply as short term (3 months/6 months) or long term(1 year). The Cheongju Art Studio accepts about 20 artists each year. Each artist is provided with their own studio, designed as a loft where an artist can work and sleep, and is open 24 hours a day.