1 ‑ 31 Oct 2020 (everyday) 11am ‑ 8pm (9 hours)
A座7樓710 – 711室
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由於疫情關係,10月份工作坊 特設 1人 /2人 自選日期/時間 獨立小班, 查詢詳情可 facebook 或電郵聯絡

時間:1100 - 2000 內 自選日期及時間-連續 2 小時 (一堂)

地點:香港中環元創方 PMQ
價錢:每人 $300 (大小同價)

只需一件全棉 牛仔 / tee / 襯衫,即可以模版方式 (stencil) 印上自己設計/揀選的圖案,創作自己所想的 graphic wear!
工作坊導師會教授製作stencil (A4尺寸 一張), 提供基本顏料及工具,並教授stencil 印花技巧,讓參與者即堂完成作品。

註:適合12 歲或以上。毋需服裝製作相關經驗。參與者自備全棉 牛仔衣物 或 tee 或 襯衫一件,如沒有舊衫,新衫亦可。建議淺色衣服,較易上色。Stencil 製作只適合簡單及較大圖案/文字。

*** Owing to COVID-19, we will offer one-person / two-persons for the date/time of your choice in Oct. For details/inquires, please email or FB us ***

Stencil Your Own Print Workshop Experience
Date:Oct 2020 *** NEW ***
Time:1100-2000 (a consecutive of 2 hours of the date/time of your choice) (One session)
Venue:PMQ, Central, Hong Kong
[Please email us the date and time you prefer after receiving the enrolment email. ]

Price:$300 per head (same price for adults and children)
Capacity:1-2 ppl
Language: Cantonese (English interpretation upon request)

Workshop:Experience craft making! All you need is a piece of denim / tee / shirt and turn it into your own graphic wear of your design or your choice with stencil print. Our instructor will teach stencil making (one A4 sized) and the skills for stencil printing, provide basic paint and tools, allowing you to finish the clothes within the workshop.
Remarks: For age 12 or above. Not required to have any clothes making skills and experience. Please bring one piece of denim or tee or shirt, either an old one or a new if unavailable, to the workshop. Light coloured clothes is suggested for easier colouring. Stencil print is limited to simple and bold graphic.

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