2 ‑ 4 Oct 2020 (everyday) 1 ‑ 1:45pm (45 minutes)
2 ‑ 4 Oct 2020 (everyday) 4 ‑ 5:30pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
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Join us to enjoy free performances of traditional Chinese music in the Xiqu Centre Atrium. Presented by a changing line-up of invited professional troupes, the programme features a range of styles – including classical and folk tunes and Chinese opera music – and showcases the versatility of traditional wind, stringed and percussion instruments.
Date: 2- 4 October 2020 (Friday to Sunday)

Approximately 45 minutes

Venue: Atrium, Xiqu Centre
Free admission. Tickets not required.

Date and Performers
2 October 2020 (Friday)Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble
3 October 2020 (Saturday)The Gong Strikes One
4 October 2020 (Sunday)The Strings Assembly1

1Zhao Taisheng appears with kind permission of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

The Gong Strikes One
The Strings Assembly