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Post-Digital Materiality
Throughout history, artists have explored different technologies that have provided them with new tools for expression. Whereas early computer-generated and digital art in the mid-late twentieth century focused on ‘making digital things real’ and ‘making real things digital’, artworks in the post-digital era appear to blur the conventional divide between digital/analogue, virtual/real, and human-made/machine-made.
Amongst the diverse kinds of digital technologies, digital fabrication methods, such as 3D printing, CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machining, and 3D scanning, offer opportunities for artists to conceive of physical objects that could not be made by traditional means. This has resulted in the emergence of new aesthetics and raised the issue of how the digital becomes translated into the physical in a manner that goes beyond mere replication.

Post-Digital Materiality features the works of four individual artists and two artist teams that explore new aesthetic possibilities and concepts afforded by digital fabrication technologies in the post-digital era. The way in which these artists have used technologies in the presented works varies widely. However, all have in common the use of standard or improvised digital fabrication methods to turn ideas and stories into physical entities: the visualization of the unimaginable which would be impossible to construct without the new technologies, the re-interpretation of the old media through new media, the physical mapping of data, and the re-interpretation of relationship between human labour and technologies. Regardless of their versatile approaches, the artists provide socio-cultural commentaries on the use of technology and ask the viewer to reflect upon its impacts on our society at various levels.

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