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This December, Sotheby’s is delighted to present Contemporary Showcase: My Life Is Pointless by Joan Cornellà, a solo exhibition of iconic works by acclaimed artist Joan Cornellà. In collaboration with creative partner AllRightsReserved, the exhibition will feature 48 works by Cornellà, making it the biggest solo exhibition of the artist ever in Hong Kong. The exhibition will run from 15 December 2020 to 29 January 2021 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery.

My Life Is Pointless is Cornellà’s third solo exhibition in Hong Kong and marks his return to the city after three years, showcasing for the first time the artist’s latest life-sized panels, shaped panel paintings and bronze sculptures, as well as a selection of limited print works which will not be released again.

With nearly 8 million followers on social media, Cornellà is highly regarded on the international stage and his works have been exhibited globally, from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing to London, Paris and New York. With a simplistic visual language and cheerful palette, Cornellà uses satire to comment on the bleak side of human nature, creating works that are honest, entertaining and stimulating. In 2020, the artist’s well-established style has evolved to combine text and imagery as he continues to explore the possibilities and universal resonance of his signature brand of humour.

Visit by appointment only.
RSVP Online: http://Sothebys.com/JoanCornella
Closed from 24 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, as well as Sundays & Public Holidays

About Joan Cornellà
Joan Cornellà Vázquez (born 1981, Barcelona) is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator known for the powerful black humour in his iconic artwork and comics. Cornellà’s creations are light-hearted and playful on the surface, featuring a cheerful palette and figures with generic grins. Upon deeper contemplation, his works communicate a potent, astute and nuanced satire on human nature and
existence. Poking fun at sensitive and taboo topics with a fluid hand and minimal visual clues, Cornellà cuts to the core of the unnerving essence of our times.

About AllRightsReserved
Hong Kong-based creative studio AllRightsReserved (ARR) has designed and organized numerous bespoke branding and marketing solutions for leading international labels since 2003 throughout Asia. For many of these projects, ARR has mobilized its vast network in the world of contemporary art in order to engineer the most relevant and cutting-edge projects. ARR extends their idea to engage with the community by its own platform, DDT Store. Founded in 2015, DDT Store is ARR’s virtual emporium offering a curated range of art objects, limited-edition items and artists’ merchandise. Beautifully fabricated products, many of which are original and exclusive, stem from thoughtful collaborations with select brands, partners and international contemporary artists.

Perhaps the studio’s most well-known and long-running partnership is with American contemporary artist KAWS. From KAWS:PASSING THROUGH that date back to 2010, “KAWS:HOLIDAY” is the most recent ongoing project: since 2018, a giant inflatable COMPANION in various relaxed positions has travelled to a number of different cities that include Korea (July 2018) , Taipei, Taiwan (January 2019), Hong Kong (March 2019), Japan (July 2019) and Space (August 2020).

Without a doubt the most memorable exhibition for the local Hong Kong community, as well as that of greater Asia, was Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s installation of a colossal yellow rubber duckie—as if in an oversized bath tub—in the city’s famed Victoria Harbour. Following the massive excitement of “Rubber Duck Project - HK Tour”, ARR also curated and made possible three permanent outdoor sculptures in Chengdu, Shenzhen and Changsha, the fast-growing cities in the Greater China area.