17 Aug 2011 (Wed) 5:30 ‑ 8:30pm (3 hours)
31 Aug 2011 (Wed),
6 Sep 2011 (Tue) 6 ‑ 9pm (3 hours)
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
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中秋節將至, 有否想過親手製作朱古力月亮餅來慶節?在這3小時的大師級烹飪班上,為滿足您對朱古力的情迷,我們誠邀多年來醉心烹調朱古力甜品、技藝蜚聲國際的行政總廚,向您講解從可可豆到朱古力製品的製造過程。熱身後,您將換上廚師帽及一件繡有您名字的廚師袍,捲起衣袖,準備走入廚房迎接您的大作。行政總廚將沿途從旁指導,教您從調溫、倒模、唧花、沾上ganache朱古力醬至裝飾,一步一步炮製您的朱古力月餅。最後,您更可細意欣賞及品嚐這件由您親手製作、色香味俱全的藝術品。


To celebrate the coming of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, let’s make your own hand-made chocolate mooncake in this 3 hour artisan style master class! Led by our Executive Pastry Chef, you will first be given an introduction into chocolate where you will learn everything from cacao bean to bar. Next you will be provided with a chef's hat and a chef's jacket personalized with your name before you roll your sleeves up and head into the kitchen. There, you will be guided through a practical chocolate making class where you will be making your own handmade chocolates moon cake. You will pick up techniques such as tempering and moulding chocolate, piping and dipping ganache and even decorating. Finally, appreciate the aroma, appearance, taste and texture of your own chocolate moon cake master creations!

Throughout the whole experience, you will be served with free-flowing Prosecco and chocolate treats. You will also go home with a special surprise gift.