time3 ‑ 28 Jun 2014 (except Sun) 9:30am ‑ 6pm (8 hours 30 minutes)
time8 ‑ 29 Jun 2014 (every Sun) 1 ‑ 6pm (5 hours)
location1/F, Fung Ping Shan Building, UMAG, HKU, Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong

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The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) is honoured to exhibit to the public one of the world’s most iconic images in modern photo-journalism, Tank Man by American photographer Jeff Widener. This centrepiece will be presented in a small group of 12 photos all documenting the political events at Tiananmen Square in June 1989 from June 3 through June 29, 2014. In connection with this display, UMAG is delighted to welcome Mr Widener to give a public talk entitled “The Tank Man and the Changing Art and Craft of Photojournalism” on the 6 June 2014 (Friday) at 18:30.

Topic: “The Tank Man and the Changing Art and Craft of Photojournalism”
Speaker: Jeff Widener
Language: English
Date/Time: 6 June 2014 at 18:30
Venue: 1/F, Fung Ping Shan Building, UMAG, HKU
Cost: Free Admission on exhibition and lecture. All are welcome.
Note: No registration is required and seating is on a first-come first-serve basis. Please call 2241 5500 for more information.

“The Tank Man and the Changing Art and Craft of Photojournalism”

Period: June 3, 2014 (Tuesday) to June 29, 2014 (Sunday)
Opening Hours: 09:30 to 18:00 (Monday – Saturday); 13:00 – 18:00 (Sunday). Closed on University and Public Holidays
For details, please visit http://www.hkumag.hku.hk/about_us.html
Venue: 2/F, Fung Ping Shan Building, University Museum and Art Gallery, the University of Hong Kong
For location, please visit: http://www.hkumag.hku.hk/location.html
Tel: (852) 2241 5500 (General Enquiry)
Fees: Free Admission
Website: www.hkumag.hku.hk

Caption 0: A lone man with shopping bags walks to the center of Chang’an Avenue and temporarily stops the advance of Chinese tanks after the bloody crackdown against protesters around Tiananmen Square. The fate of the man is still a mystery today. The incident has come to symbolize Tiananmen and is one of the most iconic news images of recent decades. The photo won the Scoop Award in France, the Chia Sardina Award in Italy, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Photograph by Jeff Widener/Associated Press

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