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Central, Hong Kong
Adult $100 / Child $70
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## News: Opened at 5pm, 5 Dec 2014 ## (5/12/2014)
Most major cities have one thing in common: no, not crowded sidewalks and overpriced cocktails—a ferris wheel. From Chicago to Singapore, London to Tokyo, these towering structures are a popular skyline fixture around the world. Hong Kong is set to join the fun, with a ferris wheel slated to open on the Central Harbourfront this September.

How much will a ride on this bad boy cost? Ticket prices will be more expensive than similar observation wheels in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, with each ride costing $100 for adults and $70 for children.

The giant ferris wheel will be located on the site outside Central Pier 9 and 10. Operators say there will be additional food and beverage outlets and publicly accessible space around the ferris wheel.

The 60-meter-tall ferris wheel will come with 42 carriages, each holding eight to 10 passengers.The operators expect a million visitors a year. (Passage source: hk-magazine)

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Ping Kwan Tsui
15 Apr 2017 8:26am