26 Jun ‑ 2 Jul 2015 (everyday) 1 ‑ 6pm (5 hours)
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Szabotage is a Hong Kong based award winning interior designer and street artist. A former East London resident and a qualified architect, his work and subjects are often a mix of popular culture and vivid use of bold colors.

His new subjects are constantly changing as he finds the city a continual source of inspiration and it is always exciting to see what and where he will paint next. Before arriving in Hong Kong, Szabotage held a sellout exhibition in London. Since his arrival in Hong Kong two years ago, his works encompasses cult subject matter depicting local Hong Kong street scenes - painting live and capturing real time action on canvas. Recently, Szabotage competed in Secret Walls, a global street art phenomenon, and was widely reported in the local press where he became well known for his affinity with old-school graffiti as well as his onstage antics.

As his first solo exhibition in Asia, this exhibition will present his latest and the most representative artworks.

For appointment: ​9384 3805
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