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One of the most critical issues facing Germany as well as other European countries nowadays is the refugee issue. While rescuing the refugees is the righteous thing to do, the problem has also caused anti-refugee sentiment in the society. KINO/15’s opening film We are Young. We are Strong tackles the controversial issue by recounting the incident of violent xenophobic riots in Rostock in 1992. Taking the helm is Burhan Qurbani, a post-80s German director with an Afghanistan background. Qurbani’s family fled Afghanistan in 1979 to seek political asylum in Germany. His previous/graduation project and feature debut was premiered in the competition of the Berlinale in 2010.

While We are Young. We are Strong deals with an incident which happened 3 years after German reunification, Christian Schwochow’s Bornholmer Straße(director of KINO/14’s Opening Film Westen) uses a light approach to recount the moment the wall was opened on 9 November 1989, when the officers at the border checkpoint in Bornholm Street were absolutely clueless on how to handle the situation. Another attempt to look at Germany in the 80s is the documentary film B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin. To use the quote from The Hollywood Reporter, “B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin is a clumsily titled but highly engaging documentary about Berlin's vibrant post-punk underground scene, as filtered through the personal story of British-born Berliner Mark Reeder.”

Other than looking back at the past, KINO/15 also offers other inspiring choices. Christian Zübert’s Tour de Forcecombines road movie with incurable disease. Learning how to say Goodbye gracefully and to embrace the fullness of life would be the biggest lesson of the trip. Uwe Janson’s To Life! sees Jonas, a young man on the run, and Ruth, an aging Jewish cabaret singer tortured by her past, helping each other to stand up on their own feet again.

Other films: A Godsend, Jack, Who am I –No System is safe, Sanctuary, Concrete Love – The Böhm Family

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