BLINK Gallery


{ founded on 13 Jun 2013 }

phone(+852) 5112-9521
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目標是提供一個平台給有才華及熱愛藝術創作的藝術家來舉行其首次個人展覽,歡迎畫家,設計師,攝影師等。我們鼓勵不同年齡,國藉或背景的藝術家透過個展來分享其個人的創作成果。我們亦鼓勵藝術家在展覽其間舉辦工作坊、藝術與設計課程及導賞團,進一步把成果與公聚分享及交流!BLINK Gallery位於油麻地港鐵站C出口附近。


BLINK Gallery targets to provide a platform for talented and emerging artists, photographs and designers to have their FIRST solo exhibition at our gallery. No matter age or nationality can apply. We also encourage exhibitor to run workshops, art and design courses and guided tours to share your sucess and learn from others. Our gallery is located 2 min away the Yau Ma Tei MTR station.

In 2014, we will provide exhibition services which will include PR and exhibition planning. Art and Design short courses will be further developed alone with our Pearson HND in Art and Design programme.