8 Apr 2011 (Fri)

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Hong Kong’s Timable helps you organize your entertainment schedule.

Following up on Cyberport’s Creative Micro Fund winners post on NeonPunch.com, they sit down with Mike Ko of Timable and ask him more about his start-up and what he’s going to do with the 100 large that the HK government gave him for his tech company.

NP: How did you come up with the idea for Timable?

MK: The idea came with the real problem that I faced with Sam, another co-founder of Timable. Some time ago we hang out on weekends and found that it’s difficult to find something interesting and meaningful...

NP: Who is Timable aimed at and how will you grow your customer base?

MK: In a broad view, Timable is for all people who have spare time to spend. While back to the reality, 75% of our population is aged 18-34 and 60% is female. Many of them stick to our Facebook fan page in order to get the most updated information of concerts and dramas ticketing...

NP: Who are some of your competitors? Or comparable services around the world?

MK: Luckily, we don’t have a direct competitor at the moment locally. The coverage of Timable is the widest, anything with a definite time frame can be put in Timable and then be able to be searched by users. There are strong players in other fields like...

NP: Where do you see Timable in the next 12 months?

MK: We are developing real fast functionally. What will come soon is the iPhone app. So, later on, people with iPhone on hand will go to Timable to see what’s going to happen around them (with real time location by GPS) before they play Angry Birds on trains or bus...

NP: What will you use the micro-fund money for?

MK: As our traffic becomes larger, we need to spend more money on our servers to maintain our service. Just buying servers does not help, but we do need experts to help build an efficient and stable system, which is quite costly...

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