21 Oct ‑ 24 Nov 2017 (except Sun) 11am ‑ 6pm (7 hours)
Room 2009, 20/F, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
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Opening Reception: 21 October 2017 (Sat) I 3 – 7pm (*Artist present)
Venue: Art Experience Gallery

Art Experience Gallery is delighted to present Ross Turpin’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, and his first with Art Experience Gallery, featuring his most recent series of paintings on canvas and paper, and a mixed media art installation.

Born as part of a white minority in South Africa, Ross moved to Hong Kong seven years ago. Leaving his home country allows the artist to dissociate himself from the religious dogma of his childhood and start exploring the deeper constructs of himself and his surrounding. In his latest paintings, Ross creates the images in an instinctual manner, acting on recurring visions and ideas. He tries to confuse the viewer with layers that weave through each other and entangled the vision upon first glance. These images remain abstract until audience engage with them, like peering into a kind of dystopic dreamstate. Ross speaks a strong narrative of how he perceives the world, which he has translated his messages into some strong symbols and marks constantly recur in his works. His first solo exhibition explores the tension between morality and amorality: The chaos of nature and the methods of survival imparted by moral tradition.

Living in Hong Kong for seven years and witnessing new and similar social and political problems that he has experienced in South Africa, the situations in Hong Kong may have brought the artist a wider perspective and understanding to the issues happened in his home country while he no longer lives there. His painting seems to have concluded a stage of evolvement that he has gone through over the years, through his works he is able to communicate his views with people who share and feel the same hopeful ambition for a better future. “That we may all transcend the catastrophe of being and prevail,” said Ross.

Apart from his paintings, Ross puts up sticker on the streets in different cities using an image of a pill from one of his drawings. The image represents ‘morality’ and ‘order’, the antithesis of nature, “Pills and the drugs they house are able to hide the natural and evolutionary truth that order is itself unnatural, thus morality is unnatural.” This simple yet vigorous image has widely spread over the city in Hong Kong, inviting the public to decode its hidden message. In this exhibition, a mixed media installation is built at the gallery, which is formed by a number of symbolic objects and a series of pills inserted paintings.

About Artist

Ross Turpin (b. 1983, Durban, South Africa)
Born as part of a white minority, Ross grew up during the teething of New South Africa, which was a very energized, hopeful period but also complex and at times dark. He is greatly inspired by his grandfather, who was an enthusiastic painter and art-lover migrated from Scotland, has always been a role model of Ross since he was a child. After graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at Durban University of Technology in 2005, he started to work in the advertising industry, and soon realized that it was not the path he wants to pursuit in life. Ross left South Africa at the age of twenty-seven and currently works as a tattoo artist in Hong Kong with his family.