3 Mar ‑ 28 Apr 2018 (every Fri, Sat) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
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Unfolded through a conversation on sexual violence in the industry, the exhibition is a summary of four sessions of life drawing plus dialogue workshop. Putting together the sharing from four models, we get to visualise and observe the city’s prejudice against bodies and genders. Open your mind and listen to models’ experience in navigating boundaries at work.

Please be aware that this exhibition contains adult content and features nudity. Visitor discretion is therefore advised.

Curated by
Philippe Charmes, LinWah

Lam Sum

Workshop Participants
Kenny Kwok, Mandy Chen, Connie Dao, 陳驚, 林女, Zoe Chan, James, Anson Chow, Eliz Wong, Winky, Juliana, Josephine Chan, Christy Tsang, Lui Hei Chung, GiGi To, Ho Cheuk Ying, 泥根, 劉莉, Kate, Hei, Virginia Yu, 5蚊

Venue & Co-presenter
480.0 Gender & Art Space
(480.0 is a partnership project of ACSVAW and Women Helping Women Hong Kong)

For More: 480dim0.com/undertheskin