2018年11月8日 (星期四) 上午11時30分 ‑ 下午1時 (1小時 30分鐘)
2018年11月9日 (星期五) 下午2時30分 ‑ 4時 (1小時 30分鐘)
2018年11月10日 (星期六) 上午11時 ‑ 下午12時30分 (1小時 30分鐘)
2018年11月10日 (星期六) 下午4時 ‑ 5時30分 (1小時 30分鐘)
$350 / Course | Combo $690 for 2 Courses


Hong Kong wine connoisseurs are increasingly interested in expanding their knowledge of wine quality and improving their wine-tasting sophistication, leading to hot demand for courses by wine experts. To cater for this growing interest in understanding the intrinsic dimensions of wine quality, the Asia Wine Academy is returning to the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2018, following its successful debut in the 2017 Edition, which attracted a record of some 370 participants. This year the Academy is offering two intensive wine-quality courses, led by respected Masters of Wine Jeannie Cho Lee and Sarah Heller.

The two not-to-be-missed practical courses, co-organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, are based on the SHTM’s MSc in International Wine Management. Aimed at wine enthusiasts at the intermediate and advanced levels, the highly rewarding programme provides depth and breadth of wine knowledge, along with an opportunity to taste a wide range of high quality wines from around the world, focusing particularly on fine wines from France and Italy. Participants who complete both courses will be awarded a Certificate issued by the SHTM and HKTDC.

香港愛酒之人越來越熱衷於品酒學問,並精益求精,不斷提升品酒水平,令專業葡萄酒課程的需求日益殷切。為滿足一眾佳釀愛好者對葡萄酒知識的熱切追求,亞洲葡萄酒學院遂於2017年首次舉辦,吸引近370人參與,現於香港國際美酒展2018載譽歸來。今年,亞洲葡萄酒學院將舉辦兩個精修課程,由著名的李志延葡萄酒大師和Sarah Heller葡萄酒大師主講,分享他們對佳釀的真知灼見。

兩個課程由香港貿發局與香港理工大學酒店及旅遊管理學院(SHTM)共同籌辦,並以SHTM的 國際葡萄酒管理碩士學位為框架,內容精彩豐富,不容錯過。課程適合中階至高階的葡萄酒愛好者,深入全面介紹葡萄酒知識。學員更有機會品味世界各地的極品佳釀,重點品試法國及意大利的美酒。完成課程後,學員將獲得由SHTM和貿發局共同頒發的參與證書。


The one-and-a-half-hour course will be divided into two sessions:

Session 1 will address the concept of wine quality, including style, regions and production methods. Tasting will include four wine types to educate participants on how quality parameters differ, depending on the wine style, grape variety, winemaking traditions and consumer expectations.

Session 2 will focus on how to assess wine and develop a more precise sense of how quality is understood in different contexts. The participants will taste another four wines in two pairs to identify the higher quality wine in each pair. Course A will be focusing on comparing Italian fine wines, while Course B will be tasting pairs of fine wine from France.


首部份將涵蓋酒款品質如何受葡萄酒風格、釀酒地區和釀製方法影響。學員可於試酒環節內品試四款葡萄酒, 讓學員從中明白酒款品質如何取決於葡萄酒風格。
次部份則教授提升品酒能力的方法。導師將重溫各種品酒技巧,助學員成為更優秀出色的品酒師。學員隨後會以半盲品形式品味兩組意大利(課程A) 或法國(課程B) 精選佳釀,從中學習鑑別兩款葡萄酒中較佳的一款, 更準確辨別影響葡萄酒品質的各項因素。

Top European classic wines will be featured, for example, Chateau Lascombes, a second growth chateau from Margaux together with its second wine; two beautiful red Burgundies from Domaine Faiveley; Champagne from AR Lenoble; Damiliano Barolo Cannubi; Zenato Amarone; Bellavista sparkling wine; Chateau Doisy-Vedrines Sauternes; Gonzalez Byass Leonor Palo Cortado Sherry. In addition, top quality wines from around the world will also be tasted, such as Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir from New Zealand; San Pedro Altair red from Chile; Almásy Furmint from Hungary.

學員將品試來自歐洲各地的頂級佳釀: 包括來自波爾多的Chateau Lascombes; 兩款法國Domaine Faiveley出品的勃艮第紅酒; 法國AR Lenoble出品的香檳; 來自意大利的Damilano Barolo Cannubi DOCG及Bellavista的氣泡酒; 來自法國的Chateau Doisy-Vedrines甜酒; 來自西班牙的Gonzalez Byass Leonor Palo Cortado Sherry。學員亦有機會品嘗來自世界各地的高品質美酒: 包括來自紐西蘭的Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir; 來自智利的San Pedro Altair及來自匈牙利的Almásy Furmint。

A) Seeking Greatness – Decoding Wine Quality I
美酒探秘 – 解構葡萄酒品質之謎 I
Lecturer 講者:Sarah Heller MW

B) Seeking Greatness – Decoding Wine Quality II
美酒探秘 – 解構葡萄酒品質之謎 II
Lecturer 講者:Jeannie Cho Lee MW

1. 成功報名亞洲葡萄酒學院課程之人士均可獲贈香港國際美酒展2018 公眾日入場門票乙張及Lucaris名貴酒杯乙隻,總值港幣310元。入場券將經郵寄方式,送往參加者提供之地址; Lucaris名貴酒杯則需於當日現場憑券換領。

2. 成功完成課程A及B之人士可獲由理工大學和貿發局共同頒發的參與證書,請於完成所有課程後往佳釀試酒室門口之招待處領取。
Timable 票務Timable 票務 | 公開發售
10月8日 (一) 上午10時 開始


- 成功報名亞洲葡萄酒學院課程之人士,均可於展覽廳3E大堂「入場券換領處」領取香港國際美酒展2018公眾日入場券(2018年11月10日)一張(價值港幣200元); Lucaris 名貴酒杯數量有限,先到先得,送完即止
- 成功完成課程A及B之人士可獲頒證書一張,請於完成所有課程後往佳釀試酒室門口之招待處領取證書
- 2018年11月8至9日(星期四及五)之課程只供持有效證件之業界人士報名
- 座位有限,先到先得
- 課程內容如有更改,恕不另行通知
- 門票一經出售,恕不退換
- 只接待18歲或以上人士進場
- 如有任何爭議,主辦機構保留最終決定權
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