3 Mar 2019 (Sun) 1 ‑ 11pm (10 hours)
Early Bird $100 / Advance $200 / Door $250
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March INN Music Festival is back on 3rd March this year at PMQ 元創方!!

March INN Music Festival 2019 將於 2019年3月3日於中環PMQ元創方舉行! 到時將會有本地及國際單位演出!

Sounds Different/Sounds Rare/Sounds New

March INN is an ‘Indoor’ music festival promoting music from different ethnic and multi-cultural aspect. March INN’ is a virtual home for different tenants (bands) from all over the world to gather.

To bring vibes of the New Year, we’ll follow the ‘Pantone of the Year’ as our theme colour of the festival (i.e; Living Coral for 2019). We choose the name ’March INN’ as a virtual home for different tenants (bands) to gather.

為推廣多元文化及不同種族音樂色彩,March INN室內音樂節製作團隊精選了不同本地及國際音樂單位演出,為大家打造⼀個聚集不同樂隊的窩居。
為營造新年新氣氛,March INN音樂節的主題色調為Pantone的2019年度指定顏色 - Living Coral。

Line up:
春ねむり - Harunemuri(春眠)
DJ510mariko / 後藤まりこ - Mariko Goto
The Red Stripes
Jing Wong黃靖
話梅鹿 - Prune Deer
超能天氣 Chonotenki
Andy is Typing

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