8 Mar 2019 (Fri) 7:30 ‑ 9:30pm (2 hours)
2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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'In Your Head' will take you into the world of mental health in Hong Kong to experience the challenges of those that suffer from and fight mental illness...!

Verbatim Theatre is a form of documentary theatre that uses the actual words of people as a basis for the script and performance. Verbatim amplifies the voices of those often unheard or misunderstood or those not treated with equality and respect in society.

'In Your Head' takes the words of those in Hong Kong that experience mental illness, both sufferers and mental health professionals and bring them to life in a dramatic performance that will raise awareness (and funds) about the struggles they face everyday...!

Li Po Chun United World College (LPCUWC) is an international pre-university boarding school home to 254 students from 80 different countries. Its mission is to nurture future world leaders for peace and sustainability.

12 students - together for a one week only project - research, interview and present the true life stories you will see onstage. This is the 8th year of the Verbatim Theatre project. Previously, we have collaborated and performed with physically & mentally challenged youth (Beijing), orphans (Cambodia) and refugees (twice), ex-prison offenders, the homeless and the LGBT+ communities in Hong Kong. This year we are focusing on mental health in Hong Kong, to raise awareness and funds for those whose experience mental health issues...! Entry to the show is FREE but we recommend a minimum donation of $100. All proceeds are donated to organisations that support those with mental illness.

Thank you…Steve Reynolds…Verbatim Theatre Artistic Director.
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