30 Sep ‑ 2 Oct 2021 (everyday) 1 ‑ 8pm (7 hours)
3 Oct 2021 (Sun) 11am ‑ 6pm (7 hours)
金鐘金鐘道88號 太古廣場
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Thank you for your continued support of the galleries and artists that make the Asia Contemporary Art Show an essential venue for art and discovery, to browse and buy art twice-a-year from more than 220 artists from around the world.

While we prepare for an exciting Show next Fall (September 30 - October 3, 2021) presented across 85 art living spaces, enjoy a diverse selection of original paintings, limited editions, sculpture and photography from some of the most interesting and promising artists from around the world.

Check out more than 11,000 artworks here on Asia Contemporary Art Buyer, where the Show goes on 24/7. Pick a favourite and inquire about an artwork you like, and even purchase a special piece to add to your collection!
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