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When I held a solo exhibition in Tokyo last November, the world was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and people's actions were restricted by the declaration of a state of emergency in Japan. It was said that “Don't get close to people. It's better to stay home alone as much as possible”. Such rules have greatly changed people's lives and even changed their values. The Tokyo exhibition “DISTANCE” depicted people who have been forced to change their lives due to the pandemic.

About a year has passed since the "DISTANCE" exhibition, and I have decided to call this exhibition "DISTANCE in HK". I believe that we have overcome the toughest situation in Japan, and the circumstances have improved worldwide too. However, it is true that the impact we received from the pandemic made us realize the importance of a real-life community while the socialization on the Internet has developed, and the influence on our meaning of life will not disappear for the time being. Because of a new set of values that the pandemic left, we may not feel the same way as before, but we want to move on to the next step anyway.