2019年11月2日 ‑ 2020年1月18日 (逢星期六) 上午11时 ‑ 下午1时 (2小时)
2019年11月2日 ‑ 2020年1月18日 (逢星期六) 下午2时30分 ‑ 4时30分 (2小时)
12 Pedder Street Hong Kong Island
$300|11:00 am – 1:00 pm (Eng)2:30 pm – 4:30 pm(普通話)

Hong Kong's status as Asia's financial hub often overshadows the dynamically growing art culture the city has to offer. Are you:

· Interested in Hong Kong as an Art hub beyond the skylines in Central and shopping malls?
· Wondering where to find museum-quality art works in Hong Kong when the city is often described as museum-scarce?
· Always confused how to appreciate abstract modern and contemporary art?
· Curious about what are the current drivers and future trends in the global art market?

Join us in a two-hour gallery immersive experience. Strolling in Central Hong Kong with our local expert enthusiasts, you will enjoy an intensive exposure in a mixing coverage of long-established galleries and newly minted spaces to track down artworks from well-known to emerging artists.

In word of Pablo Picasso, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Through a two-hour tour led by our professional art specialists, our hand-picked must-see works on view will purify and liberate troubled minds from weekday pressure.


• Hong Kong hosts more than 200 galleries of various sizes and styles. We hand-picked a handful of them for you to get unique insights into exhibitions, the background and the future art trends from primary market
• A tailor-made tour route which varies from time to time as the exhibition will constantly change
• Understanding of a wide variety of artworks from traditional to contemporary, from
Chinese to Western, and from canvas to installation
• Introduction of art work valuation and auction secrets; You may even pick up a few
tricks on how to bargain in art market and learn about becoming an art collector on any budget

Price: HKD 300 Per Person/Walk-in: 340HKD
When: Every Saturday 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (English Tour)/2:30 PM – 4:30 PM (Mandarin Tour)
Meet Up Point: G Floor, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central (MTR station exit D1)
Capacity: 12 Participants per tour
Who: Art lovers with inquisitive mind
Wear and accessory: comfortable shoes, and maybe umbrella in rainy days. Please note that the tour does not cover insurance

Cancellation Policy: Please note all tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. Tour will only be cancelled under announcement of Red/Black rainstorm warning or Typhoon #3 or above from HK observatory
Late Arrival Policy: In the interest of other tour members, we wait maximum 10 minutes for any client running late.
Reschedule Policy: if you have any unexpected reason to reschedule the tour, please notify us 24 hours in advance

Enquiry:Claire: (852) 6588 6440 Olivia (852) 5488 5045; [email protected]

提到香港,你會想到什麼?亞洲金融中心,購物天堂,美食集中營…近些年,有越來越多的人因為藝術來到這座城市,感受她不斷發展的藝術力量。那麼除了中環的天際線和購物中心,到哪里可以探一探香港的藝術氣息呢?怎麼去理解抽象藝術和當代藝術?藝術品市場如何運作?它是如何發展到了今天,又將走向怎樣的未來呢? 帶著這些問題,加入我們2個小時的畫廊步行團吧!我們的專業導遊講帶給你最地道的香港藝術體驗。漫步中環,您將在歷史悠久的建築中遇到世界知名畫廊,感受古典藝術之美;也會在創新的藝術空間中體驗前衛藝術,思考新興藝術家的創作思想,來一場思維的碰撞;就像畢加索所言,“藝術能洗滌日常生活給靈魂蒙上的塵埃”,在兩小時的參觀中,通過觀賞和了解我們精選的最不可錯過的藝術品,放松一周工作瑣事帶來的壓力和疲勞吧。
價格:300元港幣(中文/英文步行團)(現場Walk-in: 340元港幣 現金 )
時間: 星期六上午11:00 – 1:00 (英文)星期六下午2:30 – 4:30(普通話)
人數限制: 一人成團,十二人滿員
年齡: 12歲或以上
穿著裝備: 可以走兩個小時的舒適的鞋;夏天也許需要雨具和自備飲品。請注意該團不包括任何形式的保險
语言: 普通话/ 英文
聯繫我們:歡迎您隨時電郵我們[email protected]如遇緊急情況(例如在活動開始前或中途迷路),請撥打+852 6588 6440 或+852 5488 5045.
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