16 Apr ‑ 3 Jul 2016 (every Sun, Sat),
9 Jun 2016 (Thu),
1 Jul 2016 (Fri) noon ‑ 5:30pm (5 hours 30 minutes)

Since the Cuban Revolution (1953-1959), the country has been governed as a socialist state under the leadership of Fidel Castro and in recent years Raúl Castro. Because of the United States embargo against Cuba imposed since 1962, it has been politically and economically isolated. In 2015, the U.S. re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba and President Obama visited Havana in March 2016. It is anticipated that Cuba will undergo economic changes which will improve the livelihood of Cubans.

On display are 24 photos taken by Irene when she visited Havana, Vinales, Trinidad and Cienfuegos in December 2015. She will also share her other Cuba photos on video. Her photos depict how Cubans live, both in the cities and countryside. Whilst Cubans enjoy free education and health care, the average monthly salary of most workers is only USD 24. Every Cuban household has a ration book entitling it to a monthly supply of food and other staples, which are provided at nominal cost. Up to now, internet access in Cuba is not yet fully developed.

Come and meet Irene and catch a glimpse of Cuba before what the future will bring.