31 Mar 2017 (Fri) 8 ‑ 10:30pm (2 hours 30 minutes)
29 Burrows Street, WanChai, Hong Kong

Get ready for an exhilarating concert to celebrate the French language! Bands are coming from Luxembourg, Switzerland and France.

NAPOLEON GOLD (Luxembourg) - Electronic
Bewitching arrangements, warm low-pitched vocal samples and rousing percussions are NAPOLEON GOLD's favorite tools when producing their ambient electronic tracks. Before being a duo, NAPOLEON GOLD was the solo project of the electronic producer Antoine Honorez, who worked on remixes and collaborations with Sun Glitters or Monsoon Siren, opened for London Grammar, Glass Animals, Son Lux, SOHN, and played in various festivals in Europe such as the Reeperbahn Festival (DE), MaMA Event (FR), Liverpool Soundcity Festival (UK), Nordik Impakt (FR), Magnetic Fields (IN), Tallin Music Week (EST), ...
Since February 2015, Jerome Klein (Piano/Percussions) joined NAPOLEON GOLD, adding intensity and character to the live performances. The mix between electronic sounds, guitars, piano, percussions and subtle improvisations make each show a unique experience.

NAPOLEON GOLD: https://youtu.be/IvT-iPeljZs

LiA (Switzerland) - Folk Rock
After more than 300 concerts, 26-year-old Félicien Donzé, alias LiA, is in his element when on stage. His spontaneous and engaging way enables him to see the world differently. His third album ‘Quand l'Homme s'endort’ (When Man Falls Asleep), is an expression of his artistic identity. LiA likes to develop and deepen his characteristic simple and sincere way of singing and songwriting in an exploring manner. His songs are exploring human mystery, -dreams, -language and inner being. The result is a kind of rock music with poetic traits. Melancholic- but not sad. The lyrics leave room for music and sound textures to carry the listener into different spheres.

LiA: https://youtu.be/hPnD5YTFy2A

KKC Orchestra (France) - Hip-Hop / Electro / Swing
The KKC Orchestra is a one-of-a-kind group. Their music is characterized by a powerful bass and an old-school hip-hop flow, and reinvents the music scene, combining the universality of swing and the modernity of electronic music.
They are free spirits, they first appeared without ostentation, seven years ago, and lighting up the European rap scene ever since. Their charm and soulfulness transform their words into weapons. Although the KKC Orchestra uses their lyrics to challenge wrongdoing, the only lesson they teach is on the dance floor — fans cannot help but wave their hands in the air in front of these passionate artists.

The KKC Orchestra has breathed new life into the French hip hop scene, with more than 300 concerts since 2007 they have created a solid reputation as performers, sharing the stage with well-known groups such as Hocus Pocus, the Gotan Project, and Caravan Palace. The KKC helped spearhead the hip hop scene in Toulouse after having performed at Place du Capitole during the famous music festival, Fête de la Musique, and at the Curiosity du Bikini music festival with Erwan. In Germany and the UK, they have also amassed a loyal following since performing in music festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Fusion Festival (Germany), and Bestival (Isle of Wight, UK). They continue to perform in these countries and since 2010, have been performing about 15 shows a year.​

KKC Orchestra : ​https://youtu.be/THlvbgn5wJo

By reservation only, please register http://bit.ly/MEF_2017. Reservation deadline is 3 days before the concert.
Booking is only valid with a confirmation e-mail from Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong.