6 ‑ 24 May 2017 (everyday) 10am ‑ 10pm (12 hours)
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For the first time in Hong Kong, the famous photographer Michel Setboun offers to the public an unprecedented stroll in the streets in Paris through iconic photographs coming out of the PARIS DARK LIGHT “Paris Lumière Noire” collection.

Like Brassaï and Robert Doisneau whom he rubbed shoulders with at the time, when at Rapho, Michel Setboun invites the public to an intimate trip to the city of Paris glamorized between dark and light.
True declaration of love in Paris, each photograph is a poem. The artist thrusts the spectator into a mysterious atmosphere, yet still allows the spectator to identify with the shadows staged all along the districts.

Light is where his inspiration arises because light alone brings about these infinite variations which give rise to the feeling of rediscovering the city.

PARIS AEROPORT totally embraces “PARIS DARK LIGHT” with a series of photographs which bring a wonderful perfection to the exhibition, because touching down at PARIS AEROPORT is like already living in Paris.