6 ‑ 30 Oct 2017 (everyday)

With the theme of "Cyberia", the 21st Microwave is having its grand opening on 12nd October this year. In the time of NOW, we move on after 20th anniversary celebration, to reveal something at the moment, something we want to proceed and response to the current world.

“A very special moment in our recent history – a moment when anything seemed possible. When an entire subculture – like a kid at a rave trying virtual reality for the first time – saw the wild potentials of marrying the latest computer technologies with the most intimately held dreams and the most ancient spiritual truths. It is a moment that predates America Online, twenty million Internet subscribers… It is a moment that foresaw a whole lot more.”
Douglas Rushkoff

The writer of Cyberia (1994) describes his book in the preface of the 1994 edition. Though things are evolved, the moments are still here. We re-created the Cyberia through media arts; question the moment of live & our lives.

In Festival 2017, Microwave has invited different world known artists and scholars to come to Hong Kong with their latest media art works and projects to look at the element of live - everything could be live, FB live, live coding, generative video/animation, electronic music and light play, we form a “Cyberia”, the land to inspire and to experience “live”, a place to redefine our lives.

The festival this year comprises UNCONFERENCE, exhibitions, artist symposium, film screenings, workshops and outreach educational events that redefines “Live”; and the distance between all humankind.