3 Feb ‑ 10 Mar 2018 (every Tue to Sat) 11am ‑ 6pm (7 hours)
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Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Hong Kong artist, Leah Clough’s solo exhibition titled “At Midnight”, showcasing her latest series of hand drawn ink and pen works.
About the works
Stories come alive at night when ideas of magic and mystery feel more real. These drawings bring back the childhood feelings of comfort from being read a book at bedtime, adventures told by a campfire, or excited whispers of stories in the dark.
This series of work originates from an array of Leah’s childhood recollections; book titles, a line from a song, fictional landscapes remembered in bits and pieces, her mother singing, or her fathers voice reading aloud. Both children and adult books inspire them, from Where the Wild Things Are to The Night Circus. They hint at nostalgia for a forgotten imagination and childhood fantasy by the titles given to them, but also celebrate the romance of travel and discovering exotic worlds. The titles of each drawing play a role, much like a cover of a book and title; they have the power of suggestion and light the way to a story.

Leah believes in the artist and the viewer bringing each of their history to the picture, she leaves clues hidden in the drawings for you to find and create your own story. Although a drawing may represent Leah’s own memories or imagination, they are also purposely abstract and mysterious. They possess a dream like quality, which is open to interpretation. The drawings have a common thread, ‘A Secret Garden’, ‘To Wild Things!’, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, all begin from books read, but all lend to the theme of the unknown, a journey, and growth. For the works ‘Home’ and ‘While We Sleep’, ideas of protection and safety is suggested, as well as the notion of adventure. There is a constant pull between concepts of wistful looking back at your childhood and the excitement of setting off on a future voyage.

Over all these are pieces of escapism that pay homage to childhood, magic, mystery, and the thrill of going on a journey, whether it be in art, fiction, or our own life's adventure.

About the artist
Leah Clough is a Hong Kong born drawing artist, whose artwork pays homage to botanical etchings and illustrations. Primarily working in pen and ink she creates intricate drawings that are characterized by their micro detail of lines and floral imagery. Leah uses ordinary gel pens as a drawing tool to capture the exotic and animal side of flowers. With a background degree of Drawing and Applied Arts and a Masters in Fine Art Drawing, she has shown in London, Croatia and Hong Kong.

The exhibition runs from 03 Feb to 10 Mar 2018 at Art Projects Gallery. There will be an opening reception with the artist on 03 Feb 2018, 4-6pm.

About Art Projects Gallery
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