30 Mar 2018 (Fri) 9pm ‑ next day 2pm (17 hours)
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About Movie Night
We will be playing Naoko Ogigami’s “Kamome Diner” (2005) and Juzo Itami’s “Tampopo”(1985). Despite their distinct styles and a 30-year time gap, both film use Japanese cuisine as a cultural backdrop to explore the dynamic relationships between chefs and diners with food and life, alluding to greater discussions on life's simplicity, human nature for desires and devotion to one’s craft. Eating means much more than just simply stuffing a stomach. It is a sacred ritual to indulge and share in the life-giving energies of food, to show our admiration of the artistry and philosophy behind the food preparation. In the age of rapid acceleration, we often need to slow down to contemplate what it means to truly live, and to delineate the difference between having an expensive meal, and savouring a simple, well-brewed tea.

Kamome Diner
30 March | 9pm

Naoko Ogigami | Japan | 2005 | 102min | Color | 35mm
In Japanese with English Subtitles

Tampopo demonstrates that food is not just a form of sustenance but also reflects the complexities of social conventions as well as our deepest desires. Kamome Diner deals with similar themes through a story about two Japanese women who runs a diner in Finland. This diner in a far-off land becomes a safe harbor for legions of lost souls, many of whom frequent the diner before going on their separate ways. In contrast with Itami’s humorous style, Naoko Ogigami is more intent on observing the minute details of life. With close-ups of food and depictions of the wordless actions of the characters, this film revels in subtle emotions that inevitably percolates within a confined space.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 30th Awards of the Japanese Academy (Masako Motai).

Tampopo (Restored Version) (Category III Film)
31 March | 12am

Juzo Itami| Japan|1985|120 min | Color|DCP
In Japanese with English Subtitles

In the middle of the night, urbanites find respite from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives by indulging in midnight snacks. Food connects people to their basic desires, uniting the body with its senses, and this film decidedly subverts the usual conventions of midnight shows. Tampopo, directed by Juzo Itami, is a quintessential foodie’s film. The plot centres around Tampopo, a widow who operates a noodle shop which is struggling on account of her lack of culinary skills. After a chance meeting with Goro, a food connoisseur, Tampopo becomes his pupil. Under Goro’s rigorous tutelage, she comes to realize the true spirit of cooking. In common with many of Itami’s works, Tampopo is suffused with earthy characters and portrayals of the small pleasures in life. Employing a light comedic touch and an improvised style, Itami creates a narrative spiced with lively vignettes related to food.

“Considered a classic in the culinary film genre, Tampopo is a masterpiece that not only stirs the senses and gives audiences a glimpse into the effort that goes into making Japanese ramen, but also connects the desires for food and sex, and in the process satirizes different social strata and the absurdities people face.”
--- Liberty Times

Best Editing and Best Recording awards recipient at the 9th Awards of the Japanese Academy.

Tampopo is classified as Category III by the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration, refunds will be made to Urbtix ticket holders under 18 years old at the box office of Hong Kong Arts Centre. Art-mate ticket holders under 18 years old please refund at Hong Kong Arts Centre during event or email to [email protected]

Food, Life, Tasting Corner
30 March, 11pm @HKAC G/F Lobby

Kamome Diner appears at Hong Kong Arts Centre! Mum Veggie Cafe Company Limited and The Corner with Punchy Coffee Roaster deliver the delicacies - coffee, rice ball and cinnamon roll from the movie to our audience at Food, Life, Tasting Corner. Movies are not only to be watched but smelled and tasted! Let’s Taste Art!

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