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The Asia Contemporary Art Show is the largest, longest-running hotel art fair in Asia. Featuring more than 2,000 artworks, the Show welcomes artists from over 20 countries. Enjoy an exceptional collection of original paintings, limited editions, sculpture, and photography from some of the world’s most interesting and promising artists in 80 specially curated living spaces. General admission opens on Saturday, September 29th until Monday, October 1st.

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The Asia Contemporary Art Show is pleased to present a number of artists whose works have been collected by museums or sold at auction. Invader is a leading figure in urban contemporary art, whose ceramic tiled works can be seen dotted around Hong Kong. Japanese photographer Noboyushi Araki is renowned for his surreal and erotic imagery. Also from Japan is Shozo Shimamoto, who with his ‘bottle crash’ technique, dashed bottles full of color onto canvases to create his abstract artworks. And surrealist Salvador Dali, whose smaller sculptures will be appearing at the Show, needs no introduction.

Special 2-for-1 tickets - http://www.asiacontemporaryart.com/tickets

At every edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show, we introduce a wide range of art and artists (both emerging and mid-career) to our visitors, many never before seen in Hong Kong. Katherine Filice is an exciting emerging surrealist whose detailed drawings question the tension in human relationships and social systems. Seong Taejin, is an established artist whose highly textured and brightly painted wood carvings are popular among collectors. The Show is very excited to present one of the pioneers of performance and experimental art in Myanmar, Aung Myint. His acrylic paintings of mother and child painted with a single unbroken black line are instantly recognizable.

The 13th edition will feature a variety of artists both up-and-coming and established working in a variety of mediums, many of whom are new to our Show. These include Wang Liwei, an exciting young Chinese sculptor who sculpts with leather creating dynamic figures, Tibetan artist Nornor who lets inspiration drive his creative process, and Japanese artist Ikumi Nakada who portrays children using delicate brushstrokes recreating memories of childhood and childish innocence.

Special Sector – Intersections: South Korea

Visit the special sector Intersections: South Korea. See the dynamic and diverse works by selected South Korean galleries, artists and artist collectives that highlight the fusion of influences from Confucian to Christian, and reflect popular culture (K-pop) as well as social issues that shape South Korean contemporary art.

Special Sector – Artist Dialogues presented by Cask 88

Enjoy Artist Dialogues presented by Cask 88, a unique opportunity to browse art and meet artists from around the world. Strike up a conversation and understand what goes into a favorite artwork, perhaps a painting, photography or even sculpture. Only the Asia Contemporary Art Show brings together so many artworks and artists in one place for you to enjoy and buy!

Ticket information:
Special 2-for-1 tickets are available for HK$270 at HKTicketing.com until September 27th.

Special 2-for-1 tickets give you and a friend a 3-day access to the show.
The first 100 guests will receive discount coupons (worth $125) courtesy of Uber and Uber Eats
A free welcome drink for each guest.
Admission is free for children under 16 years if accompanied by an adult.

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