26 May ‑ 3 Jul 2018 (everyday)
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Jeremy Cheung 個人攝影展
Solo Exhibition by Jeremy Cheung

展覽簡介 Exhibition Info

日期 Date:2018.5.26 (Sat) - 7.3 (Tue)
開放時間 Opening time:Mon-Sat / 1200-2200. Sun / 1200-1830
地點 Venue:HOW 觀塘巧明街99號 3樓 www.how-dept.com
地址 Address : 3/F, 99 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
相片印刷贊助 Printing sponsor : @CanonHongKong

展覽背景 Exhibition Concept / Background


是次展覽收集了Jeremy Cheung由2016至2018年的攝影作品,當中記錄了這些「都市峽谷」的不同建築形態,亦捕捉了在峽城穿梭游走的普羅大眾的舉止神態,從而訴說出不同地區的日常故事。Jeremy亦希望透過這輯作品來勉勵香港人,即使峽城繼續變天,我們仍可嘗試換個角度,重新發現這裡獨有的風景,尋找一片能讓自己舒懷的天空。

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated metropolises in the world, largely attributed to her inherent topography, spectacular history and rapid development. “Urban Canyon” is a term to describe a canyon-like environment where buildings/skyscrapers surround the streets to produce man-made “concrete canyons”. As Hong Kong’s iconic vertical cityscape is a typical example of a giant assemblage of urban canyons (especially in old districts and commercial hubs), this scale and density may also affect living and commuting conditions between both sides of these narrow canyons.

The current exhibition is a photographic collection of Hong Kong’s urban canyons taken by Jeremy Cheung between 2016 and 2018, of which many were published on his Instagram (@rambler15). Forms of local canyons and ordinary movements/gestures of city dwellers down at the canyons are showcased. This series also hopes to echo the motto of the exhibition place “HOW to live well” regardless of one’s situations and living conditions, as well as to encourage the audience to rediscover the existing beauty of this ever-changing city.

Website: https://www.rambler15.com/urban-canyons-2018
IG : https://instagram.com/rambler15

FB : https://www.facebook.com/RamblerJC/