18 Aug 2018 (Sat) 3:30 ‑ 5:30pm (2 hours)

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大澳素有港版威尼斯之稱,風景獨特又迷人。慘島藍調節將【Yank Wong & Bill Loh】和【Jabin Law】的藍調帶到大澳,能在悠閒的漁村河畔細味馥郁咖啡,可謂欣賞鄉謠藍調的最佳配搭。

黃仁逵(Yank Wong)經常背著一支dobro結他出入,加上他以玻璃酒瓶自製的滑桶(slide),彈奏出延綿不斷的藍調。Bill Loh與仁逵合作無間,演奏傳統民謠和原創的中、英文藍調歌曲——唱給自己聽,也唱給別人聽。

Jabin Law是本地民謠唱作人,在樂隊Stranded Whale以外,亦常作藍調演出。在他自己的網站中,有這樣的一句形容:「搖滾的情緒與藍調的苦澀醞釀成Jabin Law更深刻的民謠」,可算是他音樂的精闢總結。

【時間】3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
【地點】Solo Balcony 蘇廬(大澳 )
【音樂單位🎵】Yank Wong (黃仁逵) & Bill Loh、Jabin Law


・多備零錢!到時另外有〈The Gloomy Island Blues Festival [email protected] Livehouse〉的預售門票發售。

音樂節攝影贊助: Michael Chiu m-for-mc

Some travel magazine recognized Tai O as the "Venice of Hong Kong". To spend a laid-back afternoon on a balcony by the riverside with a cup of good coffee in your palms, such would be the best combination to enjoy the country blues of Yank Wong & Bill Loh and Jabin Law.

Bill Loh and Yank is a group not to be missed. Yank Wong always carries his dobro on his back with his hand-crafted bottle slide. With Bill Loh’s voice, bringing you an amazing repertoire from folk songs to his original blues in both Chinese and English. Bill sings for the others just like how he would sing for himself.

Jabin Law is a young local singer-songwriter. Besides playing in his band Stranded Whale, he is also a well-known blues music lover. His guitar plays the sound of solidarity of modern cities – where souls wander around to seek for stability.

【Time】3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
【Venue】Solo Balcony 蘇廬(Tai O)
【Tickets】:Pay what you want
【Acts】Yank Wong & Bill Loh, Jabin Law


・Free entry! Just buy some marvelous coffee to support Solo Balcony!
・There will be a donation box. Donations are of course very welcomed and it will be handed over to the performers after the performance.
・Advance discounted tickets for 'The Gloomy Island Blues Festival [email protected] Livehouse' will be available on that day.

Festival photography sponsor: Michael Chiu m-for-mc