27 Oct 2018 (Sat) 7 ‑ 11pm (4 hours)
北角英皇道117-121號七海購物中心 B39
Limited Advance - 260, Regular - 290
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The Gloomy Island Blues Festival [email protected] Livehouse


台灣樂隊Muddy Basin Ramblers七位成員來自歐、美、台灣各地,透過音樂帶你周遊美國老牌爵士、藍調、Swing、與Jug Band 文化,同時卻不失寶島風味。樂隊堪稱復古專家,運用到各種傳統樂器——洗衫板、Tub Bass、Resonator等等,彷如時光倒流,為你送上二十世紀初樸素而迷人的聲音。

菲律賓口琴手Ian Lofamia與他的樂隊Ian Lofamia Band足跡處處,曾到訪過美國曼菲斯的藍調比賽、中國廣州的口琴節等地。這座壓抑的城市與他們的城市藍調結合起來,可謂無比適合。他們的演出富有感染力,將藍調的苦與樂表露無遺,當他吟唱著「Blues is a feeling」的時候,歌詞不再留於文字,而是一句句深沉的吶喊。

Shake That Thing是本地罕見的藍調六人樂隊,為你帶來豐富而「大陣仗」的藍調音樂。樂隊以豐富的樂器編制演繹城市藍調,和觀眾全情投入,感受經典節奏,令人難以抗拒。

本地音樂人Tomii Chan揉合民謠、藍調與鄉村音樂的影響,做事「一腳踢」——由寫作、錄音、製作到發佈,由頭到尾,打造他的音樂。日復日,處於密集高樓群中的生活與鄉村環境無關,卻無礙他的鄉謠中的真摯表達。

【時間】7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
【地點】MOM Livehouse(北角英皇道117-121號七海商業中心B39號舖)
【音樂單位】Tomii Chan(香港)、Shake That Thing(香港)、Ian Lofamia Band(菲律賓)、Muddy Basin Ramblers(台灣)




The Gloomy Island Blues Festival [email protected] Livehouse

The Gloomy Island Blues Festival 2018 at its finest! Bands from Taiwan, Philippines, and Hong Kong will be sharing the same stage, bringing you a magnificent blues concert you’ve never experienced in this city.

Taiwan band Muddy Basin Ramblers are revival experts in modern days. A very rare combination of musicians and styles, they're touring with you throughout the good old American jazz, blues, swing and jug band culture. The seven men band uses instruments that originated from the dawn of the 20th century - washboard, tub bass, resonator, etc., I'm betting there are sounds that you might never hear of in your life before.

Philippine harmonica player Ian Lofamia and his band - The Ian Lofamia Band had toured in many places before, like a harmonica festival in Guangzhou, China and a blues competition in Memphis, USA. Now they'll be coming to Hong Kong, a suppressing city and the city blues of theirs sounds like a hell of a match.

Local singer-songwriter Tomii Chan blends his influences from blues, folk and country music into his own, by adopting a DIY model of work - from composing, recording, production to publishing, he is determined to speak for himself the best he could. The everyday life of living inside of a high-rising cluster has nothing to do with the country lifestyle, but it has no down effect in affecting the sincerity and simplicity of the guy's music.

Local sextet Shake That Thing might be the only one of its kind in this city. They play the urban blues with a rich instrumental arrangement with horns, it's energetic enough to let everybody soak into the sweat and swing of the electrified sound.

【Time】7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
【Venue】MOM Livehouse(炮台山 Fortress Hill)
【Tickets】$260(Limited Advance Ticket)、$290(Regular Ticket)
【Address📍】B39 7 Seas Shopping Centre, 113-121 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
【Acts】Tomii Chan(HK)、Shake That Thing(HK)、Ian Lofamia Band(PH)、Muddy Basin Ramblers(TW)



・For those who've purchased tickets online, please bring along a proof (e-ticket or a cap screen of your Whatsapp/PayMe) on show date for a cross-check.
・ Door opens at 7 p.m. and we will start redeeming your tickets then, as well as selling at door tickets. The show will start at 7:30 p.m.
・Bring changes! Besides at door tickets, merch from the bands will also be available for sale.