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《HKACT! Act 1 BeHere by Masaki Fujihata》為一個擴增實境 (Augmented Reality) 公共藝術作品,新媒體藝術家藤幡正樹根據多張香港老照片及居民的口述歷史,透過演員於攝影棚「重現場景」,把影像紀錄,化成數碼立體形像,通過智能手機應用程式,以AR 形式,將過去人物及故事呈現眼前。參與者更可與形像組合互動拍照,並分享到社交平台。作品以全新數碼媒體為載體,紀錄並承存這些香港專屬的非物質文化遺產,並透過第一手微觀敘事,建構出象徵整個社區的「形上紀念碑」。

作為【設計#香港地】2018/19的委約作品,BeHere 以舊灣仔海岸線作主軸,貫穿灣仔藍屋至東美花園10個不同地點,將這條承載香港歷史及紀錄社會發展的路線連成一線,為公共空間注入生命,讓手機成為每個人隨身可攜的「口袋博物館」,旅客及公眾就能透過嶄新方式、全新視覺,互動體驗40至70年代的香港故事,親歷「回憶」,為未來創造出新記憶及獨特的旅遊體驗。



Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hk.hkact.beherehkact
Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/behere-hkact/id1439010781?l=en#?platform=ipad
*應用程式只適用於支援AR Core的智能手機,如有問題,可查閱手機是否支援此功能:

1. 藍屋
2. 石水渠街花園
3. 灣仔峽道遊樂場
4. 舊灣仔郵政局
5. 利東街
6. 大王東街休憩處
7. 聯發街休憩處
8. 光明街兒童遊樂場
9. 日街
10. 東美花園

“HKACT! Act 1 BeHere by Masaki Fujihata” is an Augmented Reality (AR) public art project. New media artist Masaki Fujihata took reference to Hong Kong old photographs and oral history of local residents to “re-present” these stories by actors in the studio. Images were then captured and converted into 3D digital figures, bringing people from the past back into the present in form of AR via smartphone application. Visitors can even interact, compose and put themselves in the frame with these figures in the two realities and share to social media. Taking the latest digital media as the channeling platform, the artwork serves as a new way to preserve our intangible cultural heritage and the micro-narratives of the residents are used as building blocks for a “meta-monument” that symbolise the entire community.

As the commissioned work of Design District Hong Kong 2018/2019, BeHere connects 10 different locations from the Blue House to Dominion Garden along the old Wan Chai coastline that embodies the rich history and the development of Hong Kong society. The work redefines the meaning of “public spaces” and turns smartphones into a “pocket museum”, allowing tourists and public to experience the old Hong Kong stories and create new memories and unique travel experiences in a brand new way.

The past is now. BeHere.

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Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hk.hkact.beherehkact
Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/behere-hkact/id1439010781?l=en#?platform=ipad
*The app can only be downloaded with smart phones that support AR Core technology. Please check the below link to see if your phones are compatible:

1. Blue House
2. Stone Nullah Lane Garden
3. Wan Chai Gap Road Playground
4. Old Wan Chai Post Office
5. Lee Tung Avenue
6. Tai Wong Street East Sitting-out Area
7. Lun Fat Street Sitting-out Area
8. Kwong Ming Street Children’s Playground
9. Sun Street
10. Dominion Garden

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