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5位本地字體設計師陳濬人、蔡劍虹、麥綮桁、 胡卓斌、 郭家榮,特意為港灣消防局,設計5組不同風格的字體,突顯香港獨特的雙語設計,同時向香港消防服務員致敬。

修頓遊樂場入口 (地面) (面向灣仔軒尼詩道)
設計師Loiix Fung 選擇於灣仔這個心臟地帶創作,以灣仔的路人為靈感,趣味地表達灣仔忙碌的街景。

皇后大道東及石水渠街交界 (地面)

利東街街口(地面) (面向皇后大道東)
設計師Antonie Li透過設計,突顯利東街地方特色及喚醒香港人對利東街的集體回憶。

設計師Maggie Wong 以灣仔北的天際線為靈感,以幾何風格表達灣仔區不一樣的建築之美。

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#ddHK reimagines and vitalises Wan Chai district with a twist in design and a dose of creativity, aiming to bring more fun and joy to the neighbourhood and connect the community.

Lining up various Wan Chai based local cultural and creative talents, different creative works pop up at various locations in Wan Chai at different period of time starting from December 2018. Covering design disciplines ranging from architectural and interior design, graphic and visual communication, design education to industrial and furniture design, the project aims at enlivening public spaces through design while visitors will be greeted by creative designs at turn and around corner like an open-air museum.

Pic 1:
Kong Wan Fire Station
5 local typographic designers Adonian Chan, Choi Kim Hung, Mak Kai-hang, Renatus Wu and Calvin Kwok design 5 sets of bilingual typography to represent Hong Kong’s unique characteristic of East meets West and to pay respect to the firemen of Hong Kong.

Pic 2:
Entrance of Southorn Playgound (Paving) (Facing Hennessy Road)
Inspired by the hectic street scene in Wan Chai, designer Loiix Fung took inspiration from the busy pedestrians and present this scene in a humorous way.

Pic 3:
Junction of Queen’s Road East & Stone Nullah Lane (Paving)
Designer YAO Cheuk Ni was inspired by the strong community bonding of the Stone Nullah Lane neighbourhood and turned the inspiration into a metaphor by placing a traditional dining room on a street pavement to recall people’s happy memories of being with family and friends.

Pic 4:
Entrance of Lee Tung Avenue (Paving) (Facing Queen’s Road East)
Designer Antonie Li hopes to recalls the place’s unique localness and people’s memories through her work.

Pic 5:
Front entrance of Hong Kong Arts Centre (Paving)
Inspired by the unique Wan Chai cityscape, designer Maggie Wong has picked the modernist style Hong Kong Arts Centre as the location for her work and presents the district’s architectural beauty.

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