30 Mar ‑ 28 Apr 2019 (everyday)
10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
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What is the relationship between culinary art, music, dance, architecture, machinery and contemporary art? As the saying goes, “art comes from life”, so how do we look for inspiration from life? “SHIFTING by Knowledge Transfer” invites artists and professionals from various fields to look into the past, foresee the future and reflect on the present. Through a series of interactive workshops, lectures and showcases, they will share their experiences of transforming knowledge into art, opening up new spectrums of artistic creation to enrich people’s life and imagination.

“An Edible Performance”
Date: 30.03-20.04.2019
Instructor & Speaker: Peggy Chan
Created by: Lai Sim-fong & Ire Tsui

You may call her a chef, a restaurateur, an entrepreneur and a vegetarian: Peggy Chan may not be someone you can define easily, but the same certainly cannot be said about her food. Chef Peggy’s technique-driven plant-based cooking is her signature style, with her approach coming from intensive research in gastronomy. In this creative research workshop, Chef Peggy is going to share not only her knowledge of food but also stories and memories behind the dishes. Together with a group of local performing artists, Chef Peggy will be presenting this artistic menu in the attempt to cook within the context of art, identity, food and culture. Furthermore, she will discuss the relationship between food and arts during the talk.
Details and booking: https://bit.ly/2Fxyt54

“About Khon and You”
Date: 01-07.04.2019
Instructor: Pichet Klunchun

Unveiling the mystery of the traditional Thai dance practice “Khon”, “About Khon and You” bridges the gap between tradition and the contemporary. Through a lively combination of demonstration and discussion, Pichet Klunchun, who is one of the greatest masters of Khon but is also seen as one of the most audacious artists in the Thai cultural scene, together with a Hong Kong artist will explore and revisit the meaning of tradition, training and learning, and eventually reinterpret tradition in a contemporary context. In addition, Klunchun is going to conduct a free open class of Khon, giving Hong Kong audiences an opportunity to experience this centuries-old Thai court dance practice in person.
Details and booking: https://bit.ly/2CBCrrj

“Starting From Research: Automated Landscape”
Date: 04-28.04.2019
Speaker & Instructor: Merve Bedir and Marten Kuijpers
Created by: Lai Sim Fong & Ire Tsui
Partners: Aformal Academy (Shenzhen) and Het Nieuwe Instituut (the Netherlands)
Research supported by: Design Trust and The Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou and Hong Kong & Macao

It takes years of research and exploration to realise a design or artistic creation. Increasingly today, design research is an inspiration for art. “Automated Landscapes” is a research project by Het Nieuwe Instituut (the Netherlands) on the incursion of automation and artificial intelligence in the built environment. Project researcher Merve Bedir will reveal her unique insights in an experimental performance-lecture “Starting from Research: Automated Landscapes”. They will also lead a group of local artists to visit factories in the Mainland while sharing their research methodologies and thoughts on transferring research outputs to design and art.
Details and booking: https://bit.ly/2urTlo0

“Music Making of Tomorrow”
Date: 13-22.04.2019
Speaker: Leung Chi-hin
Partner: Hong Kong Association for Music Educators (HAME) and EdUHK Music Innovation and Design Lab (musid.lab)

Even if you are not a musician, you can now invent your own musical instruments and make your own music! Dr Leung Chi-hin has been transforming the way of learning and creating music through STEAM approach, which makes the music learning process more enjoyable and playful. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Association for Music Educators and EdUHK Music Innovation and Design Lab, Dr. Leung will share his innovative music creation and performance project through a series of lecture-demonstrations. Making use of colourful electronic building blocks and tablets, everyone is invited to experience an extraordinary way of music making. Come to Tai Kwun with your families and friends to enjoy the fun of music!
Details and booking: https://bit.ly/2TTwr8d