2 Apr ‑ 15 May 2019 (everyday) 10am ‑ 8pm (10 hours)
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The Fresh Trend Art Award solo series Presented by Hong Kong Art Network, LAU Siu Chung, Lonely “The Bias”

Lonely LAU Siu Chung is a Hong Kong local artist concentrate in oil painting. In 2014 graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts. His paintings mainly focus on his living environment, the painting themes usually are his live related cityscape. Paintings often represented by strong brush strokes and intense use of color. Currently, he set up a studio in JCCAC to continue artistic creation in painting.

LAU’s painting exhibited this time, he continued to use the environment of daily life as the theme of painting, the Wong Chuk Hang Station near the workplace, on the way home by bus, and the fallen trees downstairs due to the typhoon Mangkhut last year. The living environment is constantly changing day by day, using painting to record the environment, hoping to freeze the current feelings, including a state of preservation and possession. In a real environment with constant and subtle changes, filtering experience, repeated modifications, and more or less the existence of specific patterns of judgment bias, or cognitive distortion. The irrational subjective feelings in the mottled landscape are actually a deviation but a match realistic portrayal.

Opening Reception
6.4.2019 6-8pm