8 ‑ 30 Jun 2019 (every Sun, Wed to Sat) 11am ‑ 6pm (7 hours)
6/F, Foo Tak Building, 365 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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MOOT POINT is an exhibition taking place at ACO Art Space, featuring four emerging Hong Kong-based contemporary artists. With painting, collage, and installation the artists explore the highly debatable areas of cultural and socio–political identity. Their collective discussion also addresses issues of memory, time, erasure and globalization.

LEE Boon-ying 李本瀅 has been a Hong Kong resident almost all his life. For MOOT POINT Boon has created a series of works in cardboard and found materials. “Materials such as cardboard allude to the fragility of our inheritance. I’m interested in recreating the atmosphere of bygone eras and memories in retreat” states Boon.

Sharyn Ridley grew up in rural Western Australia and has lived in Hong Kong since 2000. She is a frequent traveller and finds inspiration through different cultures and communities, architecture and landscapes. Her paintings, drawings and installation explore the contradictions of natural and urban landscapes. “I’m fascinated with themes of transience, identity and the concepts of time. This latest work is a way of exploring how these themes affect my life,” Ridley states.

Sophie Cheung Hing Yee 張馨儀 has been a long-standing disability rights advocate and writer before becoming an artist. After obtaining the first runner-up in the Hong Kong Human Art Prize 2018, she now continues her study of ‘erasure.’ Hing Yee states, “Before memories sink into oblivion, there is a negotiation in-between destruction and construction.”

Sharyn Wortman (FRSA) has created a series of sculptural work titled “Cultuuresel”. Her experience of living in three countries with varying traditions and cultures has been highlighted as an influence and catalyst for her works in exploring cultural identity and colonialism. “In this latest series of sculptural work I’m keen to look at the impact and legacy of the Dutch in Indonesia “ states Wortman.

Artist Sharing
There will be an artist sharing with moderator Kay Mei Ling Beadman. Please join to hear more about the works and meet the artists in MOOT point.
29.6.2019 6-7pm
14/F ACO Bookshop
MOOT point
29 May 2019 1:43pm
pleas note only open Wednesday to Sundays- not open Monday and Tuesday