22 Dec 2019 (Sun) 8 ‑ 10:30pm (2 hours 30 minutes)
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Update: 演出取消,退票事宜請郵件聯絡: [email protected]

For Fans of: Deca joins, 新褲子樂隊, New Pants, The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, The Lumineers, Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & The Papas

Genres: Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Urban Folk

2015年4月成團於成都,主唱罐子,辭職飛機機械師,帶頭組建棱鏡。2016年9月發行首張EP《人格實驗室》,2017年10月發表單曲《清昶》收錄於網易雲音樂石頭計畫合輯《四頁景》中,2018年5月發行首張真正意義上既專輯《偶然黃昏見》,並進行巡演,2018年10月發行第二張EP《一次有預謀的初次相遇》,融入巡演過程中觸發既靈感,顯得更加自然順暢。如果你鍾意告五人、Deca joins既音樂,鍾愛indie rock、urban folk,你可能都會愛上棱鏡。




Be yourself in prism.



Formed in Apirl, 2015, Chengdu, lead singer Guanzi, started Prism band after his resignation as an aircraft engineer. Their first EP personality lab was established on September 2016, their EP Qingchang released on October 2017 was collected under NetEase music, stone project album Siyejing. They started tour since May,2018, after releasing their first album Unexpected Twilight, in 2018, they released their second EP A Premeditated First Encounter. Since then they started their A Premeditated First Encounter tour on March 2019.

In the world that build by Prism, their motivation and expressions of emotion could be described as “Be yourself in prism.” There’s no roaring with strong emotions, or broken hearted songs, their songs tell us delicate stories about casual encounters. They are always on the way, they are always the traveler, they only collect story pieces and sing, in the end, they never forget.

Prism, a record of the world in which everyone has lived seriously.

The flowing scale combines pure words and sentences expressing true feelings sincerely. It has nothing to do with neither styles nor sadness or joy. Instead it is the most real emotion in this era and the great significance of mundane life.

It replaces the brilliant colors of light and reshapes the complexity and beauty of life.

The dazzling light shines in the eyes, and the melody in the ears, it is the very reason.

May you be with us, remember all the traces of life, and return to who you really are.

Through the prism, you become you.

關於WAVing Music Project


2018年年底在上海成功舉辦了四隊香港本地樂隊的拼盤演出「香港樂隊之夜」之後,增進了內地獨立樂隊對香港樂隊的認識,6月橘子海Orange Ocean「潮濕的香港」香港專場演出,則將內地優秀的獨立樂隊帶到香港。這樣的交流不應該停止,WAVing Music Project此次公佈的棱鏡樂隊Prism「總有一天你會出現在我身邊」香港專場,期待讓香港樂隊再次見證內地優秀獨立樂隊與音樂的魅力。

未來,WAVing Music Project還將呈現更多的演出,將香港樂隊帶到內地,將內地樂隊推向香港,掀起兩地音樂交流的新浪潮,敬請期待。
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