16 ‑ 23 Dec 2019 (everyday) 10am ‑ 8pm (10 hours)
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*Due to the public event, this programme will be cancelled. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

“Design Taster” consists of an exhibition and three design-related activities. This event suits any audience who would like to know more about design and design learning. The exhibition showcases the most recent student works from our design programmes, namely Advertising Design, Environment and Interior Design, and Visual Communication. The hallmark approach to studying design is learning by doing. The subject assignments are tailored made to foster in our students a design mindset of probing, questioning, experimenting, reflecting and refining. The exhibits record how our design students have made their unique first landing in the community of design practice. A one-sentence story behind each piece of work would give a glimpse into their heartfelt learning experiences.

The public are welcome to register for three free design-related activities, each with limited quota. First, “Observe and draw workshop: Botanical art postcard in watercolor” will introduce observation skills and watercolouring techniques. Participants will learn to paint a realistic leaf. Second, “Experimental letterform workshop” will guide participants to make playful letterforms based on basic understanding of the anatomy of type. Third, “Guest Talk: The TV Commercial Production Process” will introduce the creation process of TV Commercials from planning, idea generation, and execution to broadcasting/publishing.

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