21 Nov 2019 (Thu) 8pm (instant)
135, Junction Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

"WRECK-List of Extinct Species" is an interdisciplinary performance merging movement, sound and visual art. A large, inflated, pillow-like sculpture made of black plastic moves in the space like a hunter. This abstract object possesses an intense evocative power. As it swallows and spits out people, it may be considered to represent an undersea monster, like the legendary Leviathan, or equally it could be a metaphor for capitalism or the human condition. It has the power to amplify the viewer’s imagination, multiplying associations and conceptual layers.


Coproduced by:
Festival Internazionale Danza

With financial support of:

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<font color="#000000">Team</font>
Company: NSIEMI IRREALI Company (Belgium)
Choreography: Pietro MARULLO
Music: Jean-Noel BOISSE
Lighting: Julie PETITE-ETIENNE
Props & Costume: Pietro MARULLO, Bertrand NODET
Dancers:Helena ARAUJO,Paola MADRID,Marianna CIFARELLI
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