22 Jun 2019 ‑ 4 Jan 2020 (every Sat) 2 ‑ 8pm (6 hours)
1 Nov 2019 ‑ 5 Jan 2020 (except Mon) 10am ‑ 8pm (10 hours)
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22/6/2019 - 5/1/2020
Monday 2:00pm – 8:00pm
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am - 8:00pm
(Excluding public holidays)
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Guided Tours
Mon: 4:45pm, 6:30pm
Tue - Sun: 2:30pm, 4:45pm , 6:30pm
Gathering Point: Entrance of Oi!
*Conducted in Cantonese
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Interactive Dance Performances and Workshops (Unlock Dancing Plaza)(2 sessions)
11/10/2019, 30/11/2019
Open Areas of Oi!
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'Architecture of Shade is an interactive pavilion which invites the audience to explore the relationship between human and space. It is inspired by questions about the consequences and responsibilities that come with Anthropocene era in shaping the world around us.

The structure interacts with the audience through people racking cameras placed on chairs featuring three of Hong Kong's endangered species of animals, the Pink Dolphin, Green Turtle and Black-faced Spoonbill, which correspond to the number of animals available. When three visitors are detected at the same time, the sensor can trigger the canopy to open or close in response. In other times, the structure responds to on-site changes in terms of wind and sunlight, etc. by closing the canopy to protect itself or opening it to provide shade.

For details, please refer to the latest updates by Oi! Street Art Space.

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