22 Oct ‑ 2 Dec 2019 (except Sun) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
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Cheer Bell Gallery proudly presents its upcoming show “Perception”, New Concept in Contemporary Ink Art by Brenda Hong and Anthony Yim, starting from 22 October to 2 December, with the vernissage at 6 - 8pm on 31 October. The exhibition ties together the 2 artists’ skillful usage of the free-flowing nature of ink, showcasing their exploration of ink as a medium and spirit in terms of material, form and abstract landscape. The gallery hopes to provide a wonderful experience for the audience with the artists’ new concepts.

Brenda Hong believes that “the essence of art is creation, and the purpose of art is representation.” Chinese ink art has a history of thousand years. It is a big challenge for modern ink painting to inherit the tradition while following the pace of the current era to transform and innovate itself to express the artists’ thoughts. Professor Tang Hoi-chiu, former Chief Curator of Hong Kong Museum of Art, commented on Brenda’s paintings in this way, “Brenda’s paintings are filled with moist ink colours and shades. The deliberate blank space and geometric shapes reflect her creative integration of oriental and western elements”. She is engaged in a wide range of art also. Be it graphic design, floral design, photography or ink painting, Brenda has never failed to display a bold and unique style in her artistic creation. She excels in employing contrasting colours in concert with innovative methods to create textures for her work; at times she also likes to make use of the disparity between the void and the solid to convey a distinctive message of “difference in diversity”. When it comes to pure art, Brenda tends to return to the basic essentials of ink and brush with which to create a realm that simply transcends the mortal world. The coming exhibition “Perception” is going to exhibit her series “Genesis”, “Land of Plenty” and “Illusion”. The beauty of her paintings lies in her deep love for nature and her unrestrained, affectionate as well as romantic imagination. The natural and ever-changing way that ink was applied on paper reveals her carefree way of life. The process of Brenda’s art making will be presented in a video footage especially produced for this exhibition, from which the audience can have a glimpse into the rich colouring and magnificent grandeur that characterize her work. The video will make you feel you are virtually there with the artist!

Anthony Yim’s artistic style captures the essence of both Chinese and Western art. With his rich scientific background, he is able to unit art creation and science in his work. He is fascinated by the subtle relationship between light and colour. At the extreme end of light intensity, colour generally could not be discerned. Dr. Yim explained the reason why he prefers using shiny card as a medium substrate. It is because it accentuates the effects of light, so much so the colours of the painting change with the viewing angle, a phenomenon he refers to as “light-colour dynamic”. His paintings incorporate ancient Chinese philosophical thoughts and carry the elements of Western abstract expressionism. One of the many examples is his work titled “Chi”. “Chi” is derived from the Taoist concept and it refers to the original substance that produces and constitutes everything in the heavens and the earth. The Taoist work “Guan Yinzi - Six Knifes” says “Chi creates all living things.” After Song Dynasty, in order to distinguish the innate “Chi” and the acquired “qi”, the Taoist thinkers used the ancient word “Chi” to represent the innate “Chi” and infinity while “qi” was regarded as the acquired “qi” and Taiji. Another artwork “Enso” was derived from the concept of circle in Zen. “Enso” symbolizes enlightenment, power, the universe and the present in Zen, along with the meaning of completion. Psychologist Carl Jung also sees circle as a symbol of oneself and complete personality. “Enso” is an art, calligraphy and a painting. Its purpose is to convey what is difficult to be expressed. Dr. Yim’s abstract paintings allow people to enter the philosophical thoughts of Taoist inaction or Zen insights. Painting allows him to rediscover himself. Appreciating his paintings relaxes your mind and body and completes your spirit.

Brenda takes her inspiration from the nature, inherits the tradition and strives for innovation. Dr. Yim integrates Chinese and Western art and draws inspiration from ancient Chinese philosophical thoughts. In the process of creation, he tries different materials and dares to break through. Both artists have injected a new concept into contemporary ink art, which not only demonstrates the possibilities of different materials and landscapes, but also brings new energy to the contemporary ink art scene.