12 Dec 2019 ‑ 31 Jan 2020 (except Sun) 10:30am ‑ 7pm (8 hours 30 minutes)
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Amanda Wei Gallery is delighted to announce that French contemporary artist CEET Fouad is back with his latest masterpiece! CEET Fouad’s solo exhibition “Fly with Chicanos ” will unveil at Amanda Wei Gallery space in Hong Kong on December 12, with a special event for CEET’s fans to witness the artist’s creation process!

This exhibition will display CEET Fouad’s latest series including works on canvas, 3D printing, and sculptures, to present the new creativity and exploration spirit that served as artist’s latest inspiration: the dynamic representation of the edge lines of the Chicanos make them look more lively; the flexible use of colors gives people a vivid visual impact; and the experiment with new material.

CEET is the artist who first exhibited at Amanda Wei Gallery two years ago, and he is coming back with not only an exhibition but also a special Christmas event. On the opening day, Amanda Wei Gallery and CEET will present a limited-edition Live Graffiti on the Rimowa suitcases, so that fans can witness the wonderful creation process of the artist! Only 10 lucky ones will be selected, you can participate by creating a four-character idiom with the Chinese character “chicken” then comment it under this article, or on our gallery’s Instagram/Facebook invitation post. Judges and artists will make a decision before December!

In addition, CEET’s first autobiography <I Believe I Can Touch the Sky> will also be published for the first time. The content is trilingual in French, English, and Chinese, which tells the life of the artist from an ordinary French family to an internationally renowned artist after various experiences, and records his creations over the years.

Born in Toulouse, France, CEET is good at breaking through the rules and regulations of adults, give full play to his imagination like a child in order to present childishness and fun in his works. CEET’s signature “Los Chicanos” is actually inspired after he came to China. Its vivid image and bright colors are increasingly favored by more and more followers. His solid painting foundation lays behind those seemingly random lines. For 30 years, this Chicano image with oriental connotation has become an important self-expression medium for CEET. With the progress of time, CEET keeps trying to innovate in materials, techniques and other aspects, making his works always at the forefront of the trend.