18 Dec 2019 ‑ 18 Feb 2020 (except Mon) 9am ‑ 6:30pm (9 hours 30 minutes)
星期二至五(公眾假期除外): 嬰兒$60、兒童$90、成人$60、長者$20、殘疾人士$45
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🔎🌏"Scaling Our World" 🌏🔎

Ta-da! Our new Tinkering Lab theme is ready!

What do you think of when you hear the word, "scale"? Big and small? Tall and short? Golden ratio?

Scale is the relationship of size between a model and the real thing. Models are used to better understand the world around us. Architects, engineers, and designers use scaled models and drawings to study large structures, like buildings, or small machines, like a watch, prior to building the real thing. Explore the Tinkering Lab to experiment with scale and to build models of your own! 🏗

📐"Scaling Our World" starts from November 6, 2019 to March 1, 2020. Free exhibit with general admission.

Tue - Fri (except Public Holidays): Infant $60, Child $90, Adult $60, Senior $20, People with Disabilities $45
Weekend & Public Holidays: Infant $80, Child $110, Adult $70, Senior $25, People with Disabilities $55