11 Jul 2020 (Sat) 2 ‑ 5pm (3 hours)
HKD 350
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製成品: 木珠,玻璃和陶瓷珠製成的芳香項鍊一條

駐場設計師:Glori Tsui / Methodology


Did you know that aromatherapy can enhance your mental and physical well-being? This workshop incorporates essential oil into a beautiful piece of jewellery made of wooden, glass and ceramic beads, metal accessories, and paint materials.

Participants will learn how to blend their exclusive aroma with 5 basic essential oils as desired, and will create their own aromatherapy necklace using their exclusively blended essential oils. The tutor will introduce different methods and patterns to combine all materials together.

Finished Product: An aromatherapy necklace made with beads in wood, glass, and ceramic.

Residency Designer : Glori Tsui / Methodology


日期 Date: 2020.07.11 (SAT)
時間 Time: 14:00 - 17:00
地點 Venue: PMQ Loupe
語言 Language: 英語 / 廣東話 English / Cantonese
費用 Fee: HKD 350
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[中文] www.loupe.com.hk/tc/workshop/Loupe200711-W1-0039
[ENG] www.loupe.com.hk/en/workshop/Loupe200711-W1-0039