5 Sep ‑ 16 Oct 2020 (everyday) 10:30am ‑ 7pm (8 hours 30 minutes)
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Sham Shui Po is one of the old districts, where the invasion of urbanization started to modify the cityscape in the past 10 years. Each building contains its history and style, forming the city vein lines connecting the unsettling flesh and the long running textile industry in the ever changing Hong Kong cityscapes.

This series is the extension of those artworks created in Leipzig, during her stay for Pilotenkueche Artist Residency. She spent time wandering around Sham Shui Po for city observation, and created this series of artworks to form a dialogue with the Tong Lau Structure of Colour Brown Cafe, where the artworks are displayed. Making use of colour, lines and cloth collage to express her imagination of Sham Shui Po Cityscape.

Special Thanks Venue Sponsor: Colour Brown X PHVLO HATCH

Artist Bio
Alison Hui is a Hong-Kong based contemporary artist, urban sketcher and doodler, who renders her city-inspired observation in vivid and delightful details with vibrant colours on paper. Alison is a city observer, she uses lines, watercolour, markers to record and express her interpretation of city landscape in her artworks. A hidden message is planted among lines and colours to create the mysterious message to the audience.

She is an author of 2 illustration books: Embrace the Uncertainties (2016) & Explore Hong Kong Taste (2019)