8 Nov 2020 (Sun) 3 ‑ 4:30pm (1 hour 30 minutes)

喺11月8 網上 「未來公民交流日」,一班年青人會分享佢哋早前喺任務挑戰賽中嘅感受同所學,分享佢哋點去透過遊戲去探索未來技能!
當日活動仲會搵埋少數族裔仲有唔同背景嘅朋友分享佢哋嘅文化同故事 ,一齊接通世界!
活動會於網上平台Zoom 進行, 有興趣參與嘅朋友可於11月6日前按此登記:https://bit.ly/3oyKOdE

How will the future society looks like? Have you acquired enough skills that future community is looking for?
In the online "Future Citizens Exchange Day" , a group of passionate young people would share their inspiration and stories from the previous mission challenge competition.
They've experienced a very meaningful journey of exploring future skills with a gamification programme.
In the programme, we would also connect with people from Ethnic Minority and a different background to share their stories and culture.
Let's come and explore the world together! The programme would be conducted via Zoom platform, feel free to register (https://bit.ly/3oyKOdE) by 6 Nov 2020.

對象:兒童及青少年 ; 新來港人士