6 Nov 2020 ‑ 10 Jan 2021 (except Tue) 10am ‑ 8pm (10 hours)
3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) (Lee Wai Lee)’s HKDI Gallery is presenting their international exhibition for the year, “Design Does* – For better and for worse”, as part of the “#DesignUnfold” programme. Co-curated by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and Domestic Data Streamers, and co-produced by the Design Museum of Barcelona, the Asian debut exhibition showcases the value of design in our society, and how designers play crucial roles in formulating strategies, offering solutions and leading change with creativity and innovation.

HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee) is committed to promoting design education and facilitating dialogue between industry experts, students and design enthusiasts through partnerships with international museums and design schools. Running from 6 November 2020 until 10 January 2021, “Design Does* – For better and for worse” transcends the space and time limitations of conventional exhibition formats, and is accompanied by an interactive website, http://www.designdoeshkdi.hk . Presenting the consequences of design through a live manifesto showing live data on Hong Kong and the rest of the world, the public can virtually experience the exhibition through the website and reflect on the responsibility of design in the society by sharing their own reactions. The website will be launched in mid-November 2020.

“We are delighted to present our exhibition at HKDI Gallery this year together with our partners in Barcelona,” says Dr Lay Lian ONG, Principal of HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee). “Furthering our endeavour in empowering Design Thinking as a problem-solving capability, our goal for the ‘Design Does* – For better and for worse’ exhibition is to provoke thought and inspire conversations on what design can do to shape our community, with a view of exploring the value of design in our society.”

The exhibition addresses some of the most topical global issues including sustainability, connectivity, marginalisation, consumerism, innovation and new materials while showcasing eight projects conceived by designers from around the world. To provide visitors with new exhibition experiences, the exhibition highlights an interactive experimentation space and features real-time data collection and project displays. The exhibition also showcases visitors’ feedback on different design proposals, thereby inspiring visitors to contemplate what design does, and what design should do.

“Design Does* – For better and for worse” highlights the key role of design innovation in response to future challenges via thought-provoking and interactive projects. In asking “Do all cultures consume in the same way?”, Love me tinder, by Domestic Data Streamers, explores how customers can learn to adapt a single-design product to satisfy their own needs; in response to the question “Can we live without plastic?”, Ooho, by Skipping Rocks Lab, deep-dives into the world’s plastic pollution problem, highlighting plastic product design’s potential impact on the environment, as well as how design can help identify non-polluting alternatives to packaging of products we consume.