26 Oct ‑ 31 Dec 2020 (everyday)

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Cyborg Transformation Factory: https://bit.ly/37IJmzr
“Heart of Cyberpunk” Main Base: https://bit.ly/3e0QUyA

Sham Shui Po has always been the place for local fashionistas and design enthusiasts for its unique and abundant choices of fabrics and accessories. It is also the cradle of numerous local creatives and boutiques, shaping the district into an inspirational heart of fashion and design. Thanks to its captivating qualities, Sham Shui Po has become a source of inspiration for the futuristic aesthetics in cyberpunk films, making it undoubtedly the “Heart of Cyberpunk”.

#ddHK had worked with 10 local fashion and accessories designer units and many other creatives to use materials sourced in Sham Shui Po to create the “Heart of Cyberpunk – Immersive Fashion Experience” in the district. Inspired by the history of garment and electronic retail industry in Sham Shui Po, the exhibition pulled together fashion and multidisciplinary designs and arts to put on stage a genre-defying immersive fashion experience in 2020, the Year of Cyberpunk. Riding on cyberpunk culture which is inspired by the streetscape of Hong Kong, in particular Sham Shui Po, the exhibition created an original Sci-fi adventure story that envisaged the mystery of future human sustainable development to link up all elements. Setting foot in a Sci-fi film like set, viewers were exposed to an unique cyberpunk culture and scenery only available in Sham Shui Po.

The main base of “Heart of Cyberpunk” and Cyborg Transformation Factory has now gone virtual and are just one click away, don’t miss it!

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