23 Dec 2020 ‑ 5 Jan 2021 (everyday)

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Leizer and Leimech live in Chelem, a small city in Poland. One day, they find the moon was stolen and set out on an adventurous journey to find a new moon for the city. What funny stories are waiting for them?

Galia Levy-Grad, an artist who specialises in paper art, breathes life into the Chelem world by way of humour and innocence. A huge book turns into stage theatre through a “pop-up” technique combined with puppets and shadows.

This world is filled with poetry and magic made of the paper elements of the story as well as of the book. Everything is possible, both in the theater and in the stories, even hanging the moon in the sky…

23 December 2020 to 5 January 2021
Online viewing: https://bit.ly/3r9zZ30