20 Feb ‑ 21 Mar 2021 (everyday) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
14 Aberdeen Street, Central
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Looking through the whole world of creatures, you may find human faces and minds are the most mysterious and abstruse. Chao’s halfway human and animal clay sculptures reflect the innermost emotions of humans from his deep feeling. The artworks are the medium for Chao to communicate with the audience.

CHAO Harn Kae was born in Malaysia. Graduated from Malaysia Institute of Art, majoring in Fine Art. He has resided and worked in Hong Kong since 2004. His participation in drama impacted his creation, which you often see clown, combinations between humans and animals in his artworks. He thinks animals are humane while humans are more like animals in some ways. His works reveal the humanistic emotions and truths, still water runs deep but impressive.

Million Faces, the theme of the exhibition, mainly showing the masks and maquettes to the public. The ever first exhibition in Hong Kong showing over hundreds of his artworks. The masks will be displayed on the wall. Through moulding, the masks were developed in a unique form. The maquettes record every inspiration that comes to Chao’s mind, created in a speedy condition. Still, they are remarkable and intriguing.

Chao has been participating in exhibitions in St.Petersburg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Malaysia. Some of his artworks are collected by the Hong Kong Art Museum and different collectors.